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  1. T

    2012 c250 amg rear spoiler

    Hello people, I just left a deposit on my first Mercedes today, it's red and I want to get a black amg rear spoiler for it. I see a lot on eBay varying on price so just wondering would anyone here have bought one previous and send me in the right direction as where to buy one . Cheers in...
  2. Gkinghorn

    CLK (2008) AMG Body Kit - Fog Lamp Replacement

    Guys , Have had a search around on the internet and here and apart from some limited success about this I still don't think I am 100% sure of how I could , and how easy it would be , for me to remove and re-fit a new fog lamp on my CLK. Found out it was smashed today (offside front) - just the...
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