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    Scrapping noise when going over speed bumps

    Hi, I wonder if anyone could help or advise me over the last few days I’ve heard a noise when going over speed bumps sound like something is scrapping underneath the car it went away and the noise has come back but sounds a lot worse been trying to Google to see if anyone has dealt with this...
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    Cls 350 w218 anti roll bar

    Hi everyone I’m new to the group. I have a cls w218 and it needs new anti roll bar bushes. From what I gather you need to replace the whole bar with the moulded bushes. Is there anyone that has a link to aftermarket bushes? That will fit if I cut the old ones off? Thank you
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    W204 replacement anti-roll bar bushes

    Hi, I've been suffering with a knocking from the front of my 2010 W204 C class going over pot holes etc. I've replaced the drop links but it is still there so I want to replace the anti-roll bar bushes but I'm struggling to find replacements. MB want to sell me a new torsion bar complete with...
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    Clonking noise from front offside - W202

    My car has recently started making a funny clonking noise from the offside front wheel. It is only noticeable when going slow (<30mph) and goes away when the brakes are applied. Does anyone have any ideas before my wheel falls off? Brian

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