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  1. S

    What is the latest firmware/software version for W212 Audio 50 APS?

    Gents, Today I visited MB Bristol for service. Upon completion of the work I asked if there is any new firmware/software update for the Audio 50 APS unit on my 2011 W212, they said they always update the software to the latest one. I checked the unit and it still showing the original software...
  2. jeremy156

    W212 iPod or generic MP3 player?

    I have a 2010 W212 E-class with a Media Interface connection in the glovebox. I don't have a cable or an MP3 player and so before I go and buy anything I wanted to understand what the difference would be if I spend out on an Apple iPod vs a generic MP3 player connected via USB. Is there a...
  3. I

    W212 Audio 50 APS AUX question

    Hi, I have a 2011 W212 with the audio 50 APS and media interface fitted. When I press the 'disc' button, the display shows CD, Media interface and AUX as inputs. I know what the CD and Media interfaces are, but what is the AUX one? Is there another socket I have not found? What can I plug...
  4. J

    [Spares] Genuine Mercedes Audio 50 APS (NTG4-212) v6.0 2011-2012 DVD set (A212 827 51 59)

    I have got 2 x sets available and are BRAND NEW/UNUSED and wish to offer before listing on eBay. These are GENUINE - not copies!! Audio 50 APS DVD (NTG4-212) version 6.0 (2011-2012) Europe Part No. A212 827 51 59 Colour code is N1 (Salmon) For vehicles using the NTG4 nav system (W212...

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