auto gearbox

  1. KW27

    A160 auto gear select unit replacement

    I have a friend with an A160 - A168 that has locked in park mode and I have extracted the Auto Gear Select unit and wonder if it could be directly replaced by the A1693700509 unit from an A169? I know where there is one that is basically new (only 4000 miles) and can be had for a good price. The...
  2. F

    W204 250 AMG Auto Box Jumping into Manual Mode on its own

    Can anyone help please? I have just bought my first Mercedes, a 2011 W204 250 C Class Estate (Facelift model) with7 speed auto box. I have had it about 3 months and sometimes I find that the when slowing and stopping that when I pull away again that the auto box has swapped into Manual mode on...
  3. T

    Please “HELP” Mercedes sprinter sprinshift transmission malfunctioning?

    Please "HELP" My 2005 311cdi sprinter wont select any gear it just stays in Neutral. The transmission I think is called a sprintshift which is a manual gearbox that changes automatically by selecting gear up and down only and has a Auto option as well. I hope someone can help. Also I like to...
  4. D

    Auto gearbox

    I recently aquired a W123, 1985 230e Automatic. I have the following problems: 1. She only shifts to second gear when in "D", or the lower gears 2. Gearbox / Diff makes a loud "clanging" noise when you drive slowly and gears shift up. I`m not a merc fundi as this is my first. Any ideas?

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