1. J

    Vehicle Mercedes-Benz E250 CDI Avantgarde 7G-Tronic Auto 4-door Saloon

    For Sale: my immaculate E250 CDI Avantgarde Saloon: Diesel – 2,143 cc, 4-cylinder in-line Power - 204 hp/150 kW @4,200 rpm Torque - 500Nm @ 1,600 - 1,800 rpm Common-rail diesel with twin turbochargers CO2 output 132g/km (£135 pa road tax) Top speed - 150 mph 0-60 - 7.5 secs Fuel consumption...
  2. J

    Possible Rare W203 Build

    So I was looking on Autotrader and I found this W203 C-Class Avantgarde in Orion Blue of which from what I have seen is very rare. I'm just wondering if it is possible to upgrade the supercharger that is in that engine to try and get out 200 BHP out of the motor?
  3. T

    E320 Avant Garde wing mirror

    Hi there, I went to the local Mercedez garage for a new wing mirror. They wanted more than £500 for a wing mirror unit and the car only cost me that. Anyone got a used one or know of a breakers that might? Its a 1997 E320 AVANTGARDE 4DR SALOON Either just the glass or a whole unit (drivers...
  4. A

    W203 52 Plate Avantgarde Estate broken Rear spring

    Could someone please help me identify the correct springs to install. The problem is that the previous owner installed E class springs to cope with towing a caravan. so i don't have the correct colour code. After talking to my local steelers they said either three blue or two yellow spots...
  5. GAD Tuning LTD

    A day at Avantgarde!!!

    Hey guys, We spent the day down with Steve from Avantgarde tuning a few bits and also helping with a couple of his motors! We had a couple of C220 CDI's which had power tuning, DPF removal and EGR delete on the vehicles transforming how they run! The other was a C200 CDI Estate which...
  6. S

    A new E220?

    Hello everyone. This is my first post so please treat me kindly! I currently drive a Golf and am thinking of an upgrade as the Golf has done lots of miles (86K in just under 4 years), and a reward for my own hard work. Also things have started to go wrong on the Golf (just replaced the...
  7. I

    Clk 320 w208 performance difference

    Hi guys I am new to the site, I am 19, I had a CLK 320 ELEGANCE 99 Model as my first MB, 1 year later I have a CLK 320 AVANTGARDE 00 Model, The first thing i noticed, was the improvement in performance, the kickdown worked a lot better, seemed quicker acceleration and gear changes. Is it just...

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