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    Panamericana Grille Badge won’t fit

    Bought a grille fitted to the car and the original badge doesn’t twist into the grille as it’s too big, does anyone know if there’s a smaller badge you can get?
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    R230 distronic badge

    I have a 2003 r230 sl350 with distronic, the plastic that covers the merc badge is looking a bit yellow, has anyone tried a headlight restoration kit on it and sanded it down etc ? Regards Mike
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    A45 AMG Bonet Badge Removal?

    Hi, Recently purchased a 2013 A45 AMG, just bought a few bits for it and one of which is the “AMG Affalterbach Bonet Badge”. Now the problem is removing the original Mercedes Badge as it’s not actually attached to the Bonet so can’t just open and release from underneath and also had the...
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    Does an LED emblem cheapen the car?

    Hey you lot, I'm just trying to work out if I'd like an light up LED emblem on the front of my c class and though I would ask people's opinions? So let me know Thanks
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    500sel Badge (W140)

    I was after a photograph of the rear badge in its correct factory position. It would really help if someone could place a measuring tape against it so can get the spacing etc. correct. Many thanks. Kam
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    AMG Special Edition Badge

    Hi All - On my CLK200 there is an AMG Special Edition badge. The car does not display any other AMG signage. I had contacted some office a while back who informed me that there is no record on any special mods to the car. It looks like it was attached at time of manufacture rather than a...
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    w168 rear boot badge

    Hey guys, anyone know anywhere i can get a good quality replacement boot badge for a w168 a140? I've called merc but i think they'll quite an amount of money for a badge thats ridiculous, so does anyone know of any good suppliers? jim PS this is all because of some little bandits tearing...

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