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    Another BAS / ESP issue

    Hi All, just had my A160 2001 Auto Elegance 1.6 fail to get a new MOT due to the BAS / ESP light coming on when the brake pedal is first pressed after ignition. Borrowed an iCarsoft MB II and cleared all the fault codes and the light still comes on, here are the 2 fault codes I get under DTC...
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    ABS/ESP/BAS Fault, no communication from SAS

    Hi first post as i just ventured into the merc world. i have a slight problem i have a 2000 w210 2.6l v6 auto ESP/BAS/ABS errors reading but caused by SAS not communicating. i have 3 sensors now all second hand but surely all 3 cant be dead. on Star it has no read out value when wheel...
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    What is going on?! Please Help!! :confused:

    Good afternoon all, Sorry to start my membership to this forum with a plea for help, but I am at a loss as to where to turn and the local garages answer is to just keep replacing parts at huge cost until maybe...the lights go out! So here is the scenario... I have a 2004 ML270CDI that...

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