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    Total Electrical outage - intermittent

    I have searched the forums for W211 and can't find this issue mentioned. I have a 56 plate W211 320cdi Sport Edition saloon with 55,000 miles on the clock and I do 60 miles a day commuting plus business miles - about 20,000 annual so it is regularly used and serviced. Three or four times I...
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    Key locked in boot, battery off...

    I've had a few electrical problems which resulted in a diagnoses of a bad aux battery on my 06 CLS 320cdi. I have one on order, but in the mean time have been taking the negative connection off the main battery in the boot whenever I leave it for a few hours to avoid drainage. Yesterday...
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    E270 CDI, 2004

    Battery leakage - E270 CDI, 2004 Sirs, Since June this year I have lost electric power from my battery when car is parked. I have replaced the battery and have been to my garage for diagnostic without any result. Anyone having an ide what gives me this problem. regards,
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    SL320 R129 Non Starter

    Hi, My '96 SL320 has been standing sometime and had a flat battery but after recharging she still refuses to start, all ignition lights come on but I can hear relays clicking away somewhere in the dash and the array of instrument lights go dim and then bright, on turning the key further to crank...
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    W124 230TE auto 1991 - battery drain/auto central locking foibles

    My last thread start today, I promise. Battery Drain I've got a battery drain problem which I suspect is down to water shorting something - maybe the central locking vacuum pump, which (I've gathered from other threads here) is hidden somewhere under the luggage area, and is a known suspect...

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