1. I

    Becker Map Pilot (Card) Problems

    Hi Everyone, just registered with the site (be gentle lol). Need to put it out there for some help, advice regarding the problem i have. I apologise for the length of the thread but want to include all the details, hopefully to save time. I bought a 2012 C class (W204) model a few weeks ago...
  2. C

    Audio 20 dab option has disappeared

    Hello all, newbie here. 2 days ago my becker map pilot has stopped being recognised on my audio 20 unit. When I press the nav button it just says "no navigation", ive tried unplugging the unit in the glove box and making sure its seated in the cradle correctly but nothing works. I tried a reset...
  3. M

    Navigation Module Not Compatible

    so i have a Mercedes A180 had around 8 months now sat nav has always worked fine until this morning it comes up saying module not connected so i took the module out replaced turned it off and on these kind of things and its tried to load a few times but still results back to not connected it has...
  4. M

    Can i get sat nav fitted help

    Ive recently bought a 2009 c200 cdi sport im missing sat nav already i heard you could get a becker map pilot fitted but ive looked in glove box an duno where it would go so im guessing thats not an option has anyone else had tgis problem and found a solution whithout having a tom tom or phone...
  5. I

    Just bought my first Mercedes

    Hello all, I am the proud owner of a 62 plate c250 cdi coupe. I've had it for about 8 hours and I have to say I am loving it! Here are my early observations: 1. It's so good looking, inside and out. 2. Goes very well (I only had a 1.4ltr Seat Ibiza before). 3. Playing with the...
  6. bertg

    Faulty Becker Map Pilot

    I have a w246 with a faulty 8Gb Becker Map Pilot unit. because i didn't buy it from Mercedes they aren't interested, can anyone help?:-x
  7. bertg

    Becker Map Pilot Announcements

    Good Morning, Unless i'm being completely stupid could someone please tell me how to turn her volume up. I've checked all the settings and nothing seems obvious. :confused:

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