1. DB_C43

    Bi-Xenon problem

    Happy New Year everyone! What a great way to start off the new year with a lovely problem.. So I collected my car last night after being away for a couple of days and my passenger side lightbulb cut out while on the motorway with the error message "intelligent light system inoperative" and...
  2. I

    Bi xenon bulb replacement W211 270E... Without headlamp removal?

    Title kind of says it all ! My passenger side headlamp unit has just been replaced as part of an insurance fix and I now have two mismatched lighting levels on the heads ( unsurprisingly as the drivers one is original I think) I have bought a part of 5000k D2S bulbs from...
  3. H

    Bi-Xenon failure - not the bulb....

    E320 Estate AV 2007 - drivers side dipped headlamp is out, switched in a new bulb and no joy. Garage say it must be the igniter unit and say its about £500 all in to change. Does that sound about right???? (only had it a week - bugger!!!!) Cheers a guys Tom

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