blue efficiency

  1. bossafunk

    Vehicle Nov 2011 - E500 Coupe 4.7tt B/efficency - Cornwall - £17.8k

    Hi All, Sadly, I am selling my extremely rare 'Nov 2011 E500 Coupe 4.7 twin-turbo V8. I have listed it on Classic Car and here is the link to that. I have listed it for £17.5k, it is the only specific 2012 model year (2nd generation with different command system, gauge screens and a few 125th...
  2. L

    W212 E350 BlueEfficiency 265 remap GAD Tuning LTD. Off to @GAD Tuning LTD on the 12th for a remap. Driving 4 hours each way from Barnsley because I’ve been told by multiple sources that they’re the best there is when it comes to Mercedes tuning. Nobody comes close to matching their figures. Can not wait to go and...
  3. X

    W212 Noisy Engine (OM651)

    Hello. I have recently purchased a 2009 W212 CDI BlueEfficiency (145,000 miles) with the engine, OM651 - my first ever diesel - and noticed that it is a bit on the loud side in terms of engine noise. Having come from a silent Lexus IS250 (Petrol), it sounds like a 'bag of spanners' - even when...
  4. 6

    Status of Blue efficiency injector issues

    What is the current status of this problem ? Has the fix for the 2010 & 11 cars (blue efficiency engines) with the faulty delphi injectors been fixed permanently ? Or is the verdict still pending ? Are you guys still getting decent mpg from your cars after the latest fix, which seems to be to...
  5. M

    C180CGI Blue Efficiency Automatic

    I have recently taken delivery of a C180CGI BlueEfficiency which replaced my C180k (both Automatic). Whilst the new car is excellent when driving in excess of 50mph on "A" roads and Motorways I've noticed that the transmission selection at lower speeds does not seem to be as smooth as the older...

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