boot and other probs

  1. D

    reconnecting boot

    Hi all First-timer here. Basically, my boot had stopped opening fully, but closed fine, (on an automatic open/closing system) so to diagnose the problem I wanted to know if the struts had failed. So logically I thought I could disconnect the automatic arm to the boot (simple clip-on) and see if...
  2. Dan Tanna

    4-Year-Old C Class Coupe Wiring Failure - Quoted £9,000!

    I have a 2016 C Class Coupe 250D AMG-Line Premium Plus, 30k miles. My boot stopped opening the other day - wouldn't open at all. Took it into Mercedes dealership (I have an extended warranty). They came back and said 11 wires on the left and 5 on the right were all broken. Extended warranty...
  3. G

    GLC boot forced and auto close issue

    Hi to all the technical wizards out there. I've just encountered a strange issue with my GLC's boot opening and closing. The boot will open and then immediately close. I've tried opening it via the door, boot lid and key and in all instances, the boot will immediately close after two beeps...
  4. S

    C Class soft close boot

    Hi, I’ve a c-class and the soft close mechanism on the boot has stopped working. When you press the button the boot closes down but doesn’t latch. You can manually close the it and it will latch. Any ideas as to what maybe wrong? Thanks
  5. S

    CLK 2003 320 - Park sensor & Boot lock

    Hi all, Could anyone advise me with following 2 problems: 1) Front parking sensor comes on (even though car is not near an object), I'll just hit the 'turn off' button on the dash, then the passenger seat belt sound comes on (I have to put seat belt in to stop noise), these 2 things seem to...

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