boot lock jammed

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    W203 Sports Coupe boot micro switch

    Hi All, I've been having trouble opening the boot on my W203 Sports Coupe for ages. Sometimes it opens sometimes not but always needs a really hard pull to open. I can open it using the red switch but that means going through the back seat. I was told it was a microswitch problem. What and...
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    W215 Flat battery, mechanical key turns but doesn't open boot

    Hi, First let me start by saying that I have gone through a fair bit of reading before this post as seems like quite a few have had this issue, however, so far unable to get into boot. Battery is completely flat and before it went flat there was a constant noise from the car, as if the...
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    W208 boot lock won't open

    Can anyone help me? I have a 2002 vintage W208 CLK320 Convertible. Left it in the garage for about a month and the battery has gone flat. Too little charge to open the boot either with the blipper on the keyfob or the button on the console. So I tried to use the key manually, and I cannot...
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