1. Irresistance

    W220 - replacing speakers (by Bose ones?)

    Hello again Ok so today I tried to play some classical/opera music in the car and discovered that the speakers struggle/pop/screech when it comes to high tones. Clearly, not worthy of an S-class auto mobile. I read in other posts (Thanks Television!) that it is an exercise in dumbness to try...
  2. C

    [Spares] SL55 AMG.. BOSE Comand TV/Nav System,

    I am removing my BOSE Comand TV/Sat Nav system from my 2004 SL55 AMG. All parts are in excellent condition. Open to offers. Call/txt 07535 641183.. Thanks Steve
  3. J

    [Spares] Audio 10CC; CD Changer; Bose Amplifier [UK: London/Essex]

    Hi All, I have some audio parts, taken from a 2003 CLK but should fit some other cars around that time if you know what you're doing, most likely C-class with D2B. Happy to sell these separately or as a package. These are all D2B fibre-optic interface parts, so please check your car is...
  4. J

    [Spares] Bose audio components (D2B) for sale

    I have the following - basically the Bose system from a 2003 CLK, which I've replaced, minus the cabling. Should suit CLK or C-class of similar age, probably can fit into any car with D2B fibre optic bus. Mercedes [Becker] Audio10 radio/cassette (fibre-optic D2B output) - A2038201686 Merc...

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