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    SLK 32 AMG. Brake pedal not returning fully

    This is a 2002 R170 SLK32 AMG. I've just put her back on the road this afternoon after nearly six months on a SORN and I had a bit of an issue with the brakes. When first started and moved on the driveway, slow speed manoeuvring felt a bit odd, the car was reluctant to move without a prod on...
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    W204 Brake Pedal sinks to floor

    We own a 2007 C220 CDI Avantgarde Automatic. When idling say at a traffic light, the brake pedal sinks to the floor in about 10 seconds or less. South African Vehicle Roadworthy law does not allow this, Mercedes Benz SA insist that this vehicle's brakes conform to their specifications. If...

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