brake lines

  1. moj91

    Hard-line Rear brake line replacement W220 - Experiences?

    Hello all, Our W220 2005 S320 needs its rear brake lines replacing. One has split/burst from corrosion. They appear pretty well corroded along their length. We are getting wildly varying quotes for the work, £250 through to £2k. From what I can gather, the rear subframe needs to be dropped...
  2. E

    W169 Front to Rear Brake Line Replacement

    Hi there, Just had MOT on my W169 and advisory stated "front to rear brake lines corroded". Has anyone on the Forum replaced these brake lines? It looks like the brake lines are beneath the plastic under floor panels and to get these off you need to remove the complete exhaust system! And to...
  3. A

    W124 - one stop shop for rust and others!

    Hi all, I've had my lovely 1994 E320 coupe for nearly 6 months now and there are a few things I really want to get up to scratch, but... being a bit lazy I was wondering if it could all be taken care of in one place in one trip, what do you think?? Problems: Rust around jacking points...

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