1. Teutonic77

    Trying to keep an old rusty automatic alive..

    Hi Mercedes Peeps we've got an old Mercedes Vito 638 automatic which we've been nursing along with bits here and bobs there. We've been stuck for a few months without her as the Neutral position/Inhibitor switch needs replacing. We cant seem to locate one that's not a kings ransom from a main...
  2. F

    W203 Replacement Parts

    Hi, I have a 2007 W203 which has unfortunately been damaged on the passenger side. There is damage to the left wing, left headlight, left wheel arch and bumper. I will need to get these replaced however I am now sure where to get the parts from. Does anyone have any recommendations...
  3. E

    Merc friendly Breakers Yards - North East (Durham?) - any suggestions please?

    Im looking for parts for my ML, specifically a load cover for the rear parcel shelf...Ive searched the net a little and this forum, but no one seems to cover mercedes in my area...and the one that did had poor feedback and seemed to have closed (in Gateshead). Any suggestions please for...

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