breather pipe

  1. cosmictom

    CLK 240 Aftermarket Air Filter

    Hi all! My very first post here, somewhat belated in joining (I have had my CLK now since January 21) I AM LOVING IT! (I need some not-so-bad rust removing from my rear arches, new fog lights as the old wiring loom was severed in a collision, a new clock spring & for some reason my rear...
  2. Tukka

    Banjo bolt thread ??

    Hi,I have had to drill out the remains of a sheared banjo bolt in my water pump housing (part no.915036-005).I have a new banjo bolt to replace it but I need to tap a new thread in thehousing.Does anyone know what this thread size is please? I thought M8 but its finer.Thankyou.
  3. H

    W203 Oil Leak into wiring Loom/ECU Contaminated and Split Breather Pipe - Help needed

    Hi guys, I really need some help and advice from you guys as I'm genuinely stuck on what I need to do. A couple of month back I had the engine management light come on on my 2003 C200 Kompressor Coupe, 1.8L, Petrol (W203). I took it to a Mercedes specialist garage for STAR diagnostics. I...
  4. E

    Mecredes A Class CDI "2000" EGR breather pipe

    hi silly question but does anyone know where the EGR breather pipe originates from? Garage changed clutch and havent put it back on - I cant see it so wanted to trace it from where it starts..... help!:shock:
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