1. Tukka

    W115 Owners!!

    Im about to start on body restoration of my 1973 200D and was wondering if there are any other W115 owners within my area? Im in Ashbourne Derbyshire and would like to view any other cars for reference purposes and/or possible source of spares. Im looking for front bumper or just o/s...
  2. A

    Converting Vito

    Hello guys, I own a Vito panel van. I would like to fit windows in the back(black tint) and colour code the bumpers. Could someone tell me whats the best way of colour coding?wether to colour the plastic bumper or buy a colour coded one? And for the windows, does anyone know any good and...
  3. B

    CLK55 AMG cabrio w209 front bumper

    Hi all, Does anyone know where to find a new (or used but in good order) front bumper for a 2003 CLK55 amg? Mine has cracked just below the fog lights so many times it's just not worth repairing it again. But on the other hand don't want to pay just under £1k for a new one. Thanks
  4. M

    1981 280se front and rear bumpers for sale

    hi there i have a set of chrome bumpers from a 1981 280se for sale sensable offers please call 07518 206 838

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