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    Advice needed - C320 CDI

    Evening guys and gals, Apologies if this is in the wrong place but I need a few pointers please on a car I'm looking at purchasing....namely a C320 CDi on an 05 plate at 135k miles... I'm in need of a motor that's going to be bullet proof, last a lot of miles and keep me entertained, all...
  2. J

    igntion coil CL 600 V12 left side

    I'm looking for ignition coil to my CL 600 2007 LEft Side. BEst should be used spare parts but new one in good price will be nice.
  3. J

    Noob wants a W208. Questions. Answers appreciated

    Thinking of purchasing a W208 CLK200 or CLK200K or preferrably a 230K. Not bothering with a 320 with petrol touching £1.40/l It's got to be facelifted because I'm a fan of the multifunction display and the inidicators in the mirrorsand well its probably better :D Is there anything in...

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