1. XC3113NT

    CLK 320 C208 Screeching/Screaming noise when letting off the accelerator

    Hello everyone on this Mercedes Forum! So it's my first post on this forum and so I don't really know if im doing this right, but anyways I figured I might try since I've got a problem with my CLK. It's a "99 CLK 320 my very first car. The milage is around 140 000 Km or roughly 87000 miles and...
  2. C

    C208 (CLK200) Twin drive belt Diagram needed!

    Hi! I'm helping my friend with his CLK200 (C208, M111.943 engine) following failure of his exhaust manifold! My friend got one of his local friendly moles to weld back the broken neck of the manifold - it's the 'coaxial' short-neck aluminium one - they ALL crack!!! I've got all the bottom...

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