c250 blueffic

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    Help required for MERC C250 coupe blueeffi petrol 2012

    Hello so I purchased a C250 coupe the other day and was told the only fault was the back boot battery was faulty as the terminal had snapped so we replaced this and still got low battery replaced big battery all was fine how ever the start stop function still was not working eco would light up...
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    Need HELP with Whirring noise at low revs (C250 CDI W204)

    Hi Guys, First time posting in a forum ever, so apologies if any of my forum etiquette is rusty! Basically I'm having a complete nightmare with my 2011 C250 CDI (automatic & 60,000 miles on the clock) and I cannot get to the bottom of the problem. As the title says, I'm experiencing a...
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    W204 C250 buying advice for a newbie please

    Hi all, I'm very interested in buying a c250, after driving one and reading lots of reviews - I'm hooked. I've narrowed it down to two cars: 1) 2012 C250 1.8 BlueEFF AMG Sport, 23k (auto) 2) 2010 C250 1.8 CGI BlueEFF Sport 44k (auto) I did a lot of reading RE the cosmetic...
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    C250 2011 EGR problems

    hi there was after some advice I haven't had the car long and it is playing up with the EGR valve, keeps going into a kind of limp mode with the engine management light coming on, the garage has tried a forced regeneration but this only solves the problem for a week or so , any advice would be...
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    c250 cdi blueffic amg

    Hi all, I've decided, (well, the wife has), to go for a cclass instead of the eclass. All fine so far and have found a couple of c220's that fit the bill. One is a 2009 reg c220 cdi se (blueffic), the other is a 2010 reg c250 cdi blueffic amg sport. Both seem top condition but I know which...

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