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    1996 C280 sport missfire and alarm problems

    Hello , This is my first post so bear with me. My sisters 280 developed a miss fire , having dealt with a similar issue on this car before i replaced the coil pack controlling the cylinders that were missing. Long story short it turns out that the 12 vault supply wires to the coils were...
  2. F

    Dashboard gremlins

    Hi I am the proud owner of a 1995 C280 Sport auto, which I purchased recently. Its a great car to drive, being quiet and fairly quick. However there are a few problems with the dashboard wiring. Firstly, the fuel gauge sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. The heater control lights flash on...
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    Mercedes C280 'Brabus' (W202)

    Sorry to start a fresh thread to mention this again but i just wanted to put it out there since iv recently advertised the car for sale and was suprised by the interest i gained. So i thought id check here first to see if anyone might be interested in the car/wheels/parts who will genuinely...
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    C280 - Water leak coming in passenger footwell

    Hi there Not sure anyone can offer advice on this issue, but thought I'd try anyway. I have a 1997 C280 Elegance. It's in pretty good condition, just a few small rust spots. It drives well (though is awful greedy on fuel, but that's what a 2.8. engine will do). My problem is this...
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    Poor starting W202 C280 1996

    Hello All I have a '96 C280 which has been faultless all its life. At 140,000 miles now and still uses hardly any oil at all. It has always started first turn of the key but it has gradually got worse and worse. It will fire but I have to let it churn away for a while. Cold or hot same...

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