1. T

    C Class Cabriolet Coat Hook Options?

    Hi all, has anyone found an elegant solution for a cost hook in a C Class Cabriolet? I have a 2019 model and the seats do t allow access to the headrest poles to attach one and so far, my best idea is to stick a domestic hook on the back of the seat. Anyone got better ideas? TIA
  2. Richard E

    The story so far! A209 CLK 320CDI

    I bought a CLK in January and I wanted to share the experience so far on maintanence and issues. The car is a A209 2008 Cabriolet CLK 320 CDI with around 150,000km (100k miles), automatic. Front suspension - I was getting huge clonking and bumping from the front suspension. I've now replaced...
  3. A

    Soft top not fitting into rear screen seal properly

    Hi folks. I'm new here and looking forward to sharing tips and advice with you all. Problem as suggested in the title is with the canvas top. When closing it the fabric crumples up and so doesn't fit neatly into the `slot' of the rear screen rubber. I think the canvas may have separated from the...
  4. S

    A207 E CLASS cabriolet DAB retrofit

    Hi all, I have been reading around the forums about retrofitting the dab unit. I have the Comand Online unit with Audio 20, and found oem DAB units on the well known auction site. I would like to keep it original but don't want to spend £1000+ on it, especially when the part can be sourced so...
  5. L

    Remove Cabriolet Roof

    Good Afternoon Guy´s and Girl´s I have a CLK200 W208 Cabriolet and want to remove the soft top and frame to carry out some repairs and refurbish. Has anyone got or can direct me too some technical drawings and / or instructions showing the various access nuts and bolts etc..... Before I...
  6. K

    Advice/Help re W209 CLK55 2006

    Hi, looking for some help/advice to locate a couple of parts I need for my 2006 CLK55 cabriolet. Following knee surgery this week my fiancé was using the car () to pick up our daughter and went down a curb on full left lock trying to accelerate onto the road. There was a nasty crunch as we...
  7. A

    Hey People | From Dublin

    Hi there, My name is Samir and I am currently living and working in Dublin. ROI. I currently drive a 1998 Altezza. I have always had a sweet spot for the CLK 230K and I am supposed to go view one in the evening LINK, if all goes well; I will be swapping the Tezza for the 1998 CLK 230...
  8. R

    Help in decoding 02 CLK55 AMG vin

    I just recently joined and found that someone has the ability to decode a vin. I have tried the Russian site but they no longer decode the MB vin. Can someone please decode my vin - WDBLK74G62T097003
  9. J

    CLK-320 Glove Box Latch

    I have a CLK-320 Cabriolet. The glove box will not latch and stay closed. The Mercedes dealer is saying $300-400 to fix. Is there an adjustment on the latch and if so how do I find it? The part of the latch on the dash has a lever that you can move back and forth sideways. What is the purpose of...
  10. T

    passenger headrests stuck up in CLK

    hi gang....i went over a speed bump too fast the other day and the rear headrests in my CLK 200 bounced up into the raised position and now they won't go down (either by using the button on the dash or brute force!). as a result the soft top won't operate anymore either! has anyone got any...

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