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    Wanted - w176 brake caliper 330 x 22

    Evening all, I'm in the market for a new rear passenger side caliper piston unit as I broke mine trying to repair it Iv searched around and found a couple on ebay but the delivery isn't until around the 6th or 7th of January and I'm meant to head back to work on the 3rd. Motor doesn't have...
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    Brakepads and brake disk replacement

    Evening people. Just had a quick question regarding the cali[ers on my 2014 amg line a180. In a video showing the removal of the calipers some people used a caliper rewind tool and some did not. Does anyone know if this is a nesesity or can you do it without. If so what does it do and at what...
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    Upgrade brakes

    General question guys I have a 2014 Mercedes E220 se cdi w212 and was curious to know if I could upgrade the brakes to Brembo callipers and the new Brembo carbon discs? Is it possible and if so would I need to do any modifications or is it just as simple as changing my callipers
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    DIY - Seeking for Advice - Im on a mission to replace my brake disk and pads.

    Dear Merc Community, As i mentioned in the title; I would like to replace my brake disk and pads on my own. I have no past experience on being a mechanic, but I'm confident that with the help of Google, YouTube and Our Forum Community. I will be able to figure it out and do it all. Just a...

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