1. Fiona/Trevor

    Towing a caravan with an E320 CDi auto saloon- anyone done it?

    Hi folks We have the 2005 E320 CDi Avantgarde saloon, yes it's very powerful but not apparently heavy enough to tow the caravan we want, so we are looking at getting a smaller 'van.... I wonder how many people on here tow a caravan with this car, and how it manages, and if you've needed to fit...
  2. D

    E300 Second towing socket electrics

    I have E300 estate (T reg, 1999) with towbar and one electric socket, which was on car when I bought it and works fine. I am now going to install second socket to get power to caravan. A couple of questions 1) where do i connect reversing light to, as lights are in tailgate ? 2) I see...

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