cd autochanger

  1. P

    CD autochanger

    I finally took the plunge, went for a 2004 CLK 200 Kompressor Avant Garde....very happy, very clean car, low mileage (52000) although a little heavy on fuel, typically 34-38 mpg. My question is this, is this model routinely wired for a CD autochanger?, and if it is, is an autochanger easy to...
  2. grahamwoodward

    W211 E320 - Can I play MP3s in Comand

    Does anyone know if I can play home-made MP3 CDs in the CD-autochanger in my newly acquired E-Class (E320 2004). I think the COMAND unit is an NTG1. I have been able to play home made audio CDs (I only use Sony blanks as they are the correct thickness) without any problems, just as I did...
  3. grahamwoodward

    W211 (E320) CD Autochanger problem

    The CD autochanger door in the dashboard of my newly acquired 2004 W211 E320 (behind the hazard warning light switch) doesn't open properly. It opens part way then 'shakes' and won't open fully unless you pull it from below. Anyone know what is wrong and how to fix it? Secondly, has anyone a...
  4. grahamwoodward

    CD Autochanger jammed

    Hi. The CD cartridge in the glovebox on my W203 C240 (2001) will not eject. CD tray 3 is loaded into the player but will not retract when you press the small green button on the unit to eject the cartridge. The audio unit (a Radio Audio 10 unit) reads "Track **" for a few a seconds then says "No...
  5. A

    W203 - How to remove glove box mounted MB autochange

    Hope one of you technical bods out there can help me. I have a C180 Avantgarde estate with the Audio 20 stereo with the glovebox mounted CD autochanger. Unfortunately, the magazine has stuck in the machine and I have been told the autochanger will need to be removed to have it repaired...

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