centre console

  1. P

    W211 Centre armrest lid won't open

    The right hand latch that allows the lid to open seems to be stuck. the left hand latch which allows the box with its lid to come up allowing access to the underneath space works fine. The right hand one won't move but exerting more pressure on it causes the left hand latch to give and the whole...
  2. H

    2019 A200 Centre Console Stuck - Can I Remove?

    Hi All I hope everyone is well and it would be great if one of you could help me.. I have a 2019 model A200 and I have managed to somehow get something jammed under the sliding drawer of the centre console so that it will not open. It is an aftershave bottle that is sitting where the cup...
  3. roop_the_loop

    12V socket hidden, where to get power?

    Hi All, The 'cigarette lighter' socket in my E-class is hidden under a sliding cover in the centre console - see this picture, where the red circle roughly indicates the location: Looks great, of course, but not very helpful if you want to keep something plugged in permanently. I...
  4. w211newby

    w211 centre console removal

    Hello I have a Parrot 9200 installed (I didn't install it :( ) and want to check some of the connections, but am not sure how to open up the centre console. Are the any instructions anywhere. I think I need to open/remove the armrest/bin, and the gear selector as the Parrot Blue box is...
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