charging problems

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    Please Help - Giving Up Hope - CLK 55 W209 Not Charging

    Hi All I am desperate for some help - I am losing the will to carry on. Brought an 03 CLK 55 W209 with 67k for £4000 a few months back. 4 weeks ago I was driving and got the battery warning message in the cluster. Battery went flat and had to get car recovered. Got car home up on ramps...
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    MB Viano 2008 Not charging

    Hi, i have a 2008 mb viano 2.2 4x4 that are not charging.. it has a 200A alternator. for some days ago i drove the car to the shops, all seems fine then, but on the way back i noticed that the red battery lamp was on, and as i assumed it was not charging. when i start the car the red battery...
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    Charging problems

    Can anyone help? My E220 CDI Elegance Auto 2002 is not charging. The strange thing is no fault comes up on the dash. I have checked voltage across the battery and all three cables connected to the alternator. My concern is that there may be a fault in the ECU which appears to control the...
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