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    Brand newbie here!

    Hi members. Just an introduction of me to you all. I now own a Mercedes (first one) and I am now 61. Bought it recently even though it has a problem. The vehicle has only covered a mere 378,000 miles, and being an ex ambulance which was converted around ten years ago into a motorhome. I thought...
  2. J

    2001 sprinter 313 cdi injectors

    got an injector blowing on my sprinter. did a leak off test just before starting disassembly and found that the blowing injector is fine but injector 2 lifted about 6 inch of fuel in the test tube so i assume its shot. im hoping number 3 (the chuffing one) will survive. but at the least i need...
  3. J

    2001 sprinter 313 egr and cat?

    just bought a 2001 sprinter luton 313 cdi on 120k. not owned a sprinter before and dont know these engines. noticed it was probly a bit slower than it should be (though still much faster than my transit) so started investigating. thought this may be egr valve related but there doesnt seem to...
  4. B

    car back from specialist-injector chuffing!!!????

    Hi all, I put my car into MB specialist for cold start problems and he replaced 3 fuel lines all now ok under additional information he has said that : - Injector no 3 chuffing - poly belt not running true requires new tensioner,belt and idler. I know what the second means and he is going to...

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