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    Need help with problems with W204

    Hi, Hopefully, someone on here can help me. I have a W204 and a few days ago I ran an OBD on it and it showed that I have some problems with the car. I want to know which ones I can dismiss, and for the ones that are important - how do you solve them? I want to know so that when I go to a...
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    W203 - key- circuit - capacitor "knocked off" - value needed

    Hi all I have a problem with my spare key It unlocks the doors& boot it Will not start the car unless I press lock with Key in ignition, then car will start but most instrument details are not operational I investigated and identified that a capacitor has been knocked off the key as per...
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    W245 Parking Sensor circuit?

    Hello all, I recently joined back together my parking sensor wiring on a 2010 180CDi after the front bumper got damaged and cut the wiring in half. The problem is the individual wires are not all different colours (which would have made joining the right ones easy), I had to guess a bit, and...

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