cl55 amg

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    New Member HELP on CL55 2001

    Car was fine when picked up in February, everything was working on the journey home. Have had it parked up for 4 months, the battery went flat from not being used. Put a new battery on yesterday 1/6/20 and have now lost, radiator fan, central locking, key chip not recognised, no movement on...
  2. M

    w215 cl55 amg kompressor

    Hello guys, Hope you are all ok? I have 53 plate cl55, which are common for couple issues which I would like to sort out anything serious happens. 1)kompressor pulley 2)abc pump 3)kompressor cooling unit 4)radiator may leak coolant into transmission? New radiator? Do you know any more...
  3. E

    Mercedes CL55 AMG as a daily driver investment???

    Hi Guys! I'm new to the forum but have been reading threads for years now. I'm looking to buy a 2000-2003 reg CL55AMG to use as a daily driver but with the hope that I'll make some money off it! The budget is around £6,000 so looking at one with 60-80k miles on it. I've always been impressed...

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