cla 250

  1. Jhavenz2121

    2014 w117 Passenger Xenon Assembly needed

    Hey everyone ! I’m brand new to the group but not new 2 Mercedes. Sold my 07 w203 thst I’ve had since 08. Not a single issue in 13 yeeeeears!!! Yet, I’ve only had my 2014w117 about 2 months and I ALREADY need to try to find a passenger xenon assembly that’s Dead ( due to water damage/ leak )...
  2. S

    Eco 0n CLA 250 Start-Stop rarely works

    I have a 2015 250 CLA AMG Line and I have noticed that my Eco Stop Start rarely works. Now I know I do not drive very far every day but when I first got the car it worked on 90% of my journeys even my short ones. Now even after a 100 mile journey it does not always work. Wondering if the...
  3. M

    gear change cla 250 4 matic

    Apologies if this has been discussed before but I only joined today. Road tests have mentioned what they have called a 'dim witted' gear change on this model and my experience had been the same, until I discovered that turning off the ESP totally transforms this car. Gear changes are quicker and...

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