1. JackCLK280

    CLK 280 Clicking behind the dash

    Hi everyone v. new to this. I have an 06 CLK 280 and recently it has started marking a grinding/clicking noise (it almost sounds like a a 2p coin being rolled along a wooden floor - very specific, I know) from behind the dash when I turn to the right. I've had the wheels off and cant see any...
  2. C

    W204 intermittent clunk/click noise when stopping

    Hi all, I've searched the forum but couldn't quite find a similar enough post. W204 C250 CGI, 2012 35k mileage - sometimes when the car comes to a stop a click/clunk noise can be heard which sounds like it's coming from the front drivers side wheel arch section. I could be wrong but it feels...
  3. M

    SL350 with dreaded SRS problems

    Unwatch Thread Not sure if I am in the right place or not but, I have a 350SL, circa 2006, 62k on the clock and suffering the dreaded SRS light, no wipers, constant clicking from headrest area, display flashing, orange rollover light showing, loss of convenience functions, etc, etc. Have...
  4. F

    Clicking noise coming from back left of engine

    So I've got a 59 plate e350 cgi and there is some sort of clicking noise coming from the back top left of the engine (Drivers side) was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what it could be. When i start it up it sounds normal then after about 5 seconds you can hear the noise. I've put a...
  5. W

    Loud ticking under partial load. w210 320 cdi inc VIDEO

    Hi folks. I've been lurking on this forum many times and now I find myself needing a bit of help. I love Mercedes and especially the w210 of which I own two. A 2000 and a 2001. My problem is with my 2001 E320 Cdi. I noticed today that it seems to have this ticking sound, I have never...
  6. G

    Clicking fan actuators

    My 2002 W209 CLK 320 has started making the dreaded clicking noise from within the dashboard when you turn on the ignition. I've read on the forums that this a either a broken or jammed actuator (and therefore a big job) but I was wondering if: 1) you can tell if the actuators are broken or...
  7. B

    SL R230 - SRS, Wiper, Comand / Command, Roll Bar, Airbag Light, Clicking

    I have a 2006 SL350 and reasonably regularily, the SRS light comes on along with a number of other faults. Usually, if the car has been standing for a number of hours (possibly overnight), it will be O.K. when started and run. If the car is then turned off and then on, the fault is likely to...

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