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    Climate Control Unit issue

    Hi all, Have issue with my W906, my climate control unit wont power up, already changed 3rd time and still nothing. have checked voltage and got 4.5V power on connection to control unit. also have scanned with Ap-200 and get error code U042485 with message "Data received from A/C were...
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    C63 W204 Hissing Noise From Climate Control/Heater

    I have a 2013 C63 coupe. On a drive out a couple of weeks back it started to make a hissing noise that can only be heard inside the car, and that seems to be coming from behind the central part of the dash. I've since determined its related to the climate control/heater functions. The noise...
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    Hybrid: How to disable pre-entry climate control?

    I have a c350e. Does anyone know how I stop the car automatically turning on the heating every time I unlock it with my key fob? Every time I go to unplug the charging cable, I unlock the car and it's starts heating up using up my precious battery juice. Any clues? On the Mercedes Me portal...
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    W221 airconditioning compressor replacement with newer type unit

    Hi I am wondering if its possible to fit the new late 2008 type compressor onto a 2007 model S500. My local guy says yes but I know the clutch is different. I also remember when you carry out the telematic update you have to tick which type of compressor is installed. Anyone have this issue?
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    cl500 w215 climate control problem

    Hi, would just like to share my experience and subsequent fix of an annoying common problem. drivers side vent would always blow warm when aircon set very low. Passenger side worked ok. reading through various forums, it all pointed to problem with the duo valve, which controls left and right...
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    'Rest' function on W212 2011 e-class

    I'm about to buy an Estate e350 version of the above and have noted that my beloved 'Rest' button is missing from the climate control. I use this all the time on my e320 as seems awful to leave the motor running when waiting in the car. I see that the luxury (thermotronic) climate control has...
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    cl500 air con problem

    2002 CL500. Ive got a problem with my climate control. With everything in auto and temp set to low, I have cold air coming from centre vents but hot air coming from windscreen demist and both side vents and nothing at all coming from footwell or rear vents. Any ideas anybody???

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