clk 55 amg

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    Advice/Help re W209 CLK55 2006

    Hi, looking for some help/advice to locate a couple of parts I need for my 2006 CLK55 cabriolet. Following knee surgery this week my fiancé was using the car () to pick up our daughter and went down a curb on full left lock trying to accelerate onto the road. There was a nasty crunch as we...
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    Looking to buy W209 CLK 55 AMG

    Hi I'm a newbie to this and looking to buy a CLK 55 AMG coupe. Its a W209 53 plate with 100k on the clock and the price is £6250 including a private number plate which is worth at least 500 quid. Now it does have a valeo radiator but none of the problems associated with it in terms of the...

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