clk270 cdi

  1. A

    CLK270 CDI Weird Idle at Startup

    Hi all, I've had a look around but I can't find another problem quite like this. Every time I start her up the revs drop just below where they should sit for about 3-5 seconds which makes the car really rattle. It's fine after that. Any ideas? It's a 2004 with 121k on the clock. It had the...
  2. alexanderfoti

    Vehicle 2005 CLK 270 CDI - Lovely car!

    So my situation has changed, and my wife is now getting a company car, so the CLK is going. Shame really, as I haven't had it long and did a fair bit to it! 122,000 Miles MOT to March 2019 Recent Big service (all filters + inlet manifold + mounts, thermostat etc) Recent (300 miles ago!) rear...
  3. A

    Feel like a complete mug :(

    Wonder if anyone can offer a glimmer of hope as I'm feeling like a bit of a mug... Having been made redundant for Christmas and had to hand in the company car, I bought a 2004 CLK 270CDI on autotrader from what was supposed to be a private seller. The car was in London and I went up by train...

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