1. Janchee

    W213 Window Bug appeared for the first time

    All, Hope you're doing well during these times and the house is looking lovely and painted ;) Jumped in the car yesterday to go get some shopping. Popped the driver window down a little bit ... then clicked the switch for it go back up ... and it came back down half-way. Everytime. -_- When I...
  2. S

    A209 CLK320 2003 roof not quite closing correctly by rear windscreen

    My roof closes fine but at the very last moment when the fabric tucks into the rear windscreen, a small section of material about the size of half a golf ball bunches up and sits as a clump on the outside edge of the rear windscreen on the lower right hand corner. If I stop the mechanism from...
  3. P

    Boot not closing unless slammed hard

    Hi All, I have a 62 plate W212 and recently maybe after puting some big suitcases in the boot and forcing it close, I have noticed that the latch of the boot struggles to close, one has to hold the top of the boot and slam is so hard so as to make it close. This is not normal and I do not...
  4. M

    2007 CLS 500 BOOT PROBLEM

    Hi - I recently took ownership of a 2007 CLS500 - been a great drive until I went to close the boot recently using the boot close button and it only closed half way. Now when I try to open or close the boot it only goes half way. I noticed that when it opens half way, the lights on the two...
  5. N

    2006 W209 CLK Mirrors folding problem

    Hi, I have a strange fault with the folding of both electric mirrors which started suddenly a week ago. When you press the button on the light control panel to open the mirrors nothing happens. When you unfold them with your hand (they don't lock into place) and press either the open or...
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