1. Lallyrs

    CLS AMG63s 2018 Air-conditioning Compressor Replacement

    Hi, has anyone experience of issues with the Air-conditioning on CLS AMG63s 2015 model? The garage serviced it and refilled the gas as there was no gas, but its still not working. They say that it could be a faulty Compressor and a genuine replacement part is £750.00. Any suggestions appreciated.
  2. JackCLK280

    Strange whining noise - possible alternator or AC compressor?

    Hi, my car has started making a weird noise. It does it almost everytime I start the car. It lasts for around 30 seconds and stops. Then reappears every 3-4 minutes. I don't notice it when driving, just when idling. I'm really hoping it's just a pulley??? I'm trying to upload a video but its...
  3. idlerider

    W211 aircon leak

    My E350 wagon has a refrigerant leak. Car had been sat for some time (on sales forecourts) and the engineer thinks it's the compressor seals, as it fills and holds pressure happily but loses it as soon as the compressor runs. Even under UV, he can't see a visible leak anywhere. I'm thinking of...
  4. SteveB73

    Airmatic query

    Hi All, I have like so many w220 owners some airmatic issues. I have an old snap on Ethos diagnostic box, which reads the air suspension okay, however, when i look at 'live' data for suspension it only displays info for left front level and body accelerator. The box also picked up trouble...
  5. J

    Whine/drone sound when AC turned on. After several replacement compressors (under warrenty) there is a huge whine/drone sound coming up thru the steering column which can be felt on the steering wheel from idle to around 2000rpm. The video above was taken today. Anyone have any ideas of what could...
  6. R

    Air conditioning comp on 120cdi vito

    Hi all Need to replace the compressor on my 120 vito, catastrophic failure of the pulley bearing and it also leaks gas anyway over the season. My question is has anyone changed one because it looks very difficult to remove from situ. Any advice welcome as to which way it is removed once...
  7. H

    C270 CDI 2002 Air Con Compressor failure

    My Air Con stopped working recently so took to our local independent who ran various diagnostic tests finally stating that "we're 99% sure it's the air con compressor internal failure" They checked the control system for operation and found everything to be ok. Gas was also present in the...

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