1. JustinN

    Battery Conditioner - GLA45 AMG

    Hi All I'm looking to buy a battery charger / conditioner for my 2015 GLA45 AMG to keep the battery topped up and conditioned. I'm looking at the CTEK MX5 or MX7 but I'm unsure whether the MX7 is worth the price jump from the MX5. Anyone have any experience of them? Also, I know in my car I...
  2. C

    Age old problem Boot leaks in Mercedes SL350 (2003). Help!!!

    Hi I've owned my Merc. since 2013 and like most owners have had my fair share of expenditure (£12,000 in 6 years) keeping it on the road. I am a female driver and don't do DIY on cars so I use a private specialist Merc. garage who have a good reputation for servicing and repairing the car...
  3. W

    Gliptone vs Autoglym

    Hi all, Just in the process of purchasing some Autoglym leather balm and leather cleaner, but while searching the bay I came across a brand called Gliptone. Has anyone used the Gliptone leather cleaner and the leather conditioner ? If so what is your experience/advice of it ? Thanks Waheed
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