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    Rear consumer battery dying overnight

    Hi everyone! Car: 2005 SL500 75K miles. Prerequistes: Excellent condition. Recently, 'Consumer' battery dies overnight. CTEK Mercedes charger only gets to 3 lights overnight. Battery is tested good and 1 year old. Front seats have sealed vacuum lines and DO NOT cause PSE pump to constantly...
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    SL500 R230 - Charging consumer AUX battery with boot stuck locked

    Hello guys I have searched for days on end and read so many threads but cannot find an answer to a small question I have which potentially could solve a variety of SL bootlid/PSE/ Consumer battery issues... My fuel is low and the central locking is stuck in lock position for the fuel flap etc...
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    Malfunction Electric Consumers switched off /Battery problem :( Stressed! HELP

    Hi I need help please!, I have a 2003 E320 diesel W211. I went on holiday and came back to find my car battery dead. (Even though ym neighbour started it once a week!) So I jump started it and everything seemed fine. After a round trip of 50 miles just when I was getting home I got the...

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