1. J

    Help! Dashboard/ceiling rattle or creaking noise

    Help! W205 C300 facelift creaking/rattle sound I have recently bought my first Mercedes (pic) and have to say I absolutely love it. Sadly, I am quickly becoming detached from it as I am constantly hearing new rattles from various places and the car is barely a year old. This particular sound...
  2. Janchee

    S213 Creak/Clunk from Rear (Accelerating/Bumps)

    Hi all, Hoping to get some advice for a recent issue that's popped it's head. When I accelerate or go over speed bumps, I get a medium creak from the rear of the estate. It sounds like it is coming from the Offside Rear. It's not all the time, but it is appearing more and more. I've just had...

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