Help! Dashboard/ceiling rattle or creaking noise


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Aug 20, 2021
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W205 Facelift C300d
Help! W205 C300 facelift creaking/rattle sound

I have recently bought my first Mercedes (pic) and have to say I absolutely love it. Sadly, I am quickly becoming detached from it as I am constantly hearing new rattles from various places and the car is barely a year old.

This particular sound sounds like it is coming from somewhere inside the dashboard or maybe somewhere in the sunglass compartment/rear view mirror. It almost sounds like it could be a loose cable tapping on a surface somewhere.

I have tried moving or pressing on anything and everything I can reach to try and replicate the sound but cannot find it anywhere. Of course without being able to find it, it is very difficult to fix.

I have taken it back to the dealership but they have simply said that they couldn’t find it so cannot help.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar and does anyone have a solution?


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Aug 2, 2021
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I had a similar issue in my C204, there was a slight tapping coming from the passenger footwell/glovebox area.. For the life of me I couldn't find it.. I even thought for a second that the Becker satnav box was rattling in the cradle but it wasn't that.

Luckily I have a friend who's an MOT tester so I asked him to pop on the ramp and see if something underneath had become loose.. After a poke around he couldn't see anything hanging off or loose.. Until he flashed the torch into the passenger wheel arch "I think I found your rattle" he said while pulling a piece of my coil spring out :oops:..

Turned out I had a broken spring that the dealership I bought it from (Carshop) never told me about! As the 3 month warranty had run out, I had to get the coil replaced myself.. Never mind.. Since then I've had no tapping noises at all :cool:

So worth checking your springs..
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