1. J

    Help! Dashboard/ceiling rattle or creaking noise

    Help! W205 C300 facelift creaking/rattle sound I have recently bought my first Mercedes (pic) and have to say I absolutely love it. Sadly, I am quickly becoming detached from it as I am constantly hearing new rattles from various places and the car is barely a year old. This particular sound...
  2. M

    CLA Rattle

    Hi all anew member as I have just purchased a CLA 200 2016 AMG line from an Approved Mercedes Garage. Since getting the car home I can hear a rattle from the passenger side window is open and traveling 30mph or below on certain road surfaces (not rough but say something that has a new surface...
  3. Aedmer

    Can anyone help diagnose this noise?

    Hi all, I drive a 2013 W204 C220 CDI. Been hearing a slight very quiet rattling sound during acceleration for a little while now but haven’t had time to take it anywhere to get looked at. Just today I popped the hood and took off the engine cover and I’m hearing metallic tinny rattle. From what...
  4. J

    W212 E250 Rattle noise in park

    Hi all I have a strange rattle/fast ticking noise somewhere in the engine bay when I take my car out of Gear (D) then into park (P). The ticking slowly reduces in 10 seconds and then is unnoticeable and continues to run normally again (Diesel engine noise) have any idea what it could be? cheers.
  5. Lukeya9

    W205 acceleration noise

    Hi wondering if anyone can help with as to what the noise might be when I accelerate. Is it just the engine noise? Only does it when in drive.
  6. M

    Rattling Noise. It’s driving me crazy!!

    There’s a noise which seems like it’s coming from underneath the car, this car is fairly new so I’m quite worried. Check out the video I’ve given the link to.. Any ideas ladies and gents?
  7. whitepawn

    Rattling ride

    Hi all - hope to get some advice on my ‘new’ 2005 C320 (approx. 131,500 mi, but regularly serviced over its life according to the book). I’ve had it for a couple of weeks and a few days ago it started developing a rattling sound from the front left (kind of sounds like it’s coming from around...
  8. hod05

    E250 fix interior rattle

    Hi I have a 2010 E250 cabrio that has gained a few interior rattles over the last year or so.The door cards squeak as the car goes over uneven road. I'm going to remove both door cards, fix acoustic foam to the inside, put foam tape around all plastic to plastic contact points and fit new...
  9. N

    CLC rattle in tailgate area driving me mad !

    There is a rattle coming from the tailgate area of my CLC every time I go over a bump that is driving me mad ! I have already taken off some of the trim to the top and sides of the rear window glass and used double sided adhesive foam pads to try and stop various items from moving, but still...
  10. hod05

    OM651 rattle

    Hi all OM651 has rattle at start up I heard it for about a week on start up a rattle that is loud and dies down after about 2-3 seconds since its done an incredible outstanding milage of just 76,000 I presume its the chain thats stretched and possible sprockets and tensioner too. I have...
  11. G

    A Class Starting trouble and rattle

    I have a 2011, A160 1500cc, with less that 11,000 miles. The last two days I've had trouble starting the car and there is a rattling sound that appears to come from under the car. The noise is the same whether or not I'm in gear. It's going for it's first service in two days but I'm worried that...
  12. C

    e280 rattle from auto transmission

    Hi This is my first post on any forum, so please forgive me if I've broken any un written rules! A few months ago I bought a 1999 E280 auto, I believe it's a W211, due to a broken wrist. My plan was to run it until my cast came off, then go back to my beloved Land Rovers. But I liked it so...
  13. A

    E280 2000 s210 rattle from rear when going over bumps and potholes

    I have a 2000 e280 avantgarde estate s210. I am getting a rattle from the rear when I go over bumps. I had Merc specialist look at it who still can't diagnose the problem. I am not happy with them because they told me to change the sub frame bushes and charged £150. Have been reading some stuff...
  14. A

    W211 Glovebox door rattle

    Hi, There seems to be a rattle coming from the "door" to the Glove box on my 2004 W211. I think one of the plastic clips on the inside of the door has broken off and is now making an annoying noise as it falls left & right under moderate cornering. Can someone let me know how to gain...
  15. C

    Air Filter Housing Wobble

    Good Evening All, The Mrs picked me up from work the other day. When she pulled up I thought the 'diesel rattle' was a bit louder than usual. I lifted the bonnet and noticed the air filter housing heat shield was slightly touching a peice of metal below causing a metal on metal rattle...
  16. cozmo1589

    Vibration Noise ML 270 Cdi

    Hi, i have a 2002 50k mile ML. Have noticed recently a noise in the back. I can only describe it as an ill fitting door lock vibrating while the vehicle is in motion or loose luggage compartment pull out cover? I have removed all bits n bobs from the two storage compartments in the tail gate...
  17. S

    Rattle Sound

    On My r230 There comes a rattle sound in the space BETWEEN the cabin and boot, it sounds like something has gone loose and hanging from a wire dangling. What are There in space Between cabin and trunk and how do i get access to the space so I can see what is wrong.
  18. Z

    E200 W210 Estate Exhaust Mounting

    Hi, I am running a 1997 E200 estate. The car has covered over 205,000 miles and is still going strong! Lately the exhaust has started to rattle. I believe the rattle is coming from the catalyst section downstream from the 2-1 confluence. There is a hanging bracket on the engine and a bolt...
  19. W

    Trying out M.B.S

    I've decided to email MBS of Southampton to have my car booked in and checked out since the exhaust system and/or heat shield is rattling, and annoying the hell out of me. I will update this thread to let everyone know how it goes but first I need to hear back from them as I've only just Emailed...
  20. S

    E200 w124 tensioner pulley wobbling

    Hi, I have a e200 where the tensioner pulley sheared off. I replaced the pulley and tensioner arm and drivebelt all with genuine Mercedes parts. It has been fine for about a month but has now started to wobble. Have I not tightened the nut up to the correct torque or something? I asked Mercedes...

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