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    Help! Dashboard/ceiling rattle or creaking noise

    Help! W205 C300 facelift creaking/rattle sound I have recently bought my first Mercedes (pic) and have to say I absolutely love it. Sadly, I am quickly becoming detached from it as I am constantly hearing new rattles from various places and the car is barely a year old. This particular sound...
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    Few niggles with W204 c250cgi 2012

    Hello all, I bought this lovely car last week (23k mileage) and have a few niggles that maybe you can help with :) 1) White smoke production from exhaust when idle - this has settled slightly the more I drive it. One of the members suggested this is normal (in another post), so hopefully...
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    Creaking noises from both front doors

    Hi, I am a first time owner of a Mercedes C220 Diesel Sport 2015. I have had the car since end of June and have 5k miles on the clock. After only a few weeks in I began to notice a slight creaking noise coming from the driver's door top edge. The noise was as if the glass of the window was...
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    Creaky steering! W220 HELP!

    Hi everyone I'm new and know sweet FA about the mechanical side of cars but here is my situation, my dad passed away 2 years ago and left me his 04' S320 and at first I wanted to sell it as I thought it wasn't going to be for me (loved my Toyota Celica) but after driving it, it was like seeing...
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    R230 creak

    Only makes this noise when at or close to full lock, and it's not always present. Anyone else experienced this? video. Comments, tips, advice, welcomed! Ball joints? Power steering? Some other problem?
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    Loud creaking noise on cornering

    Hi, just had my ML270 back from repairs (cosmetic only) where new Winbo side bars have been fitted to replace the old scratched ones. Since then the car makes very loud creaking metallic noises on rear/centre left and front/centre right when cornering in respective directions. The repair...
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    A-Class creaking noise when turning

    Hi all, this is my first posting, wonder if anyone can help. I have a 99 A-Class Elegance, it has started to creak every time I turn the steering wheel, the noise seems to be coming from down below...any one experienced this problem or know what it can be? Many thanks.

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