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    Help! Dashboard/ceiling rattle or creaking noise

    Help! W205 C300 facelift creaking/rattle sound I have recently bought my first Mercedes (pic) and have to say I absolutely love it. Sadly, I am quickly becoming detached from it as I am constantly hearing new rattles from various places and the car is barely a year old. This particular sound...
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    weird cable sticking out on ML

    Hello chaps. ML 270 CDI 2001 auto I have a cable sticking out from under the centre console on passenger side. It is not very flexible and has a screw thing on it to attach it to something. Any ideas what it might be? The car has an original CD, radio gps unit that works fine. All else works.
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    Hi, Live in Spain, 1999 r170 SLK 230 in black

    Hi everyone Have had my SLK about 5 years now. Still love her. Had a new gearbox put in by Mercedes in Alicante a year ago, not cheap, but everything else still works so it needed doing. I have an issue with the roof. It works fine, but is getting slow to release the front latches. I am...
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    C180 coupe (Handbrake cable)

    Hi, Recently had the shoes replaced on my car. They have been tightened as much as possible. However, the cable may need tightening as there is a slight roll on an incline.
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    Broken Bonnet Catch - 1988 300SE

    Hello. I'm new here. Found the forum while looking for spares. I live in France. The bonnet catch on my 1988 (RHD) 300SE has given way. Not sure of the details, took it to my local garage (not Mercedes) and they will be 'ringing round' to find spares this-afternoon, but don't seem all that...
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    Mercedes Viano Rear Seat Tilting Problems

    We have several Mercedes Vianos all less than 3 years old. every one of them has problems with the rear bench seats. These are fitted with a side handle to release the locking mechanism that allows the back of the seat to be tilted forward allowing access to the rear. They are always giving...

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