1. T

    Ignition switch

    Hello iv got a 2006 mk2 mercedes sprinter recently it was broken into dashboard broken and only the ignition switch stolen I realised they want this to clone a key I've moved the van to a safe location and I still have the original key, if I purchase a second hand ignition switch and key off of...
  2. G

    Carbon dashboard damage

    Hi folks, picked up my A-class yesterday and I’m pretty chuffed. I got it from Mercedes used in Scotland and drove it back to Northern Ireland. Got a 3 year old A180 Amg line and so far so good. Only issue is when I collected it from the dealer there was damage to the carbon dashboard. I was...
  3. A

    Starter Motor Problem

    The car doesn’t start occasionally. The battery was changed 2 weeks ago, everything was working perfectly fine until the problem occurred again. You can hear specific noise while trying to start the car, additionally dashboard doesn’t light up while starting the car. Can it be the starter motor...
  4. H

    SLK 200 K

    Hi my daughter has not used her car for sometime and the battery went flat, so put a new one on and now have a problem with the information showing on the dashboard such as brake worn down and top up water. Is there a way that we can reset the system to clear this problem. I have checked to...
  5. V

    w124 glow gauges

    Hi friends I have a w124 and I would like to make the gauges glow , make only the letters glow instead of the whole dashboard . I found such gauges on internet but they are all for petrol engine (7000 max rpm) but I have a diesel one (6000 max rpm). So I want to make my stock gauges glow. How...
  6. N

    Dashboard Dead

    I hope someone can help me out on this:- the car starts but the whole of the dashboard is dead, none of the gauges e.g. tach, fuel, speedometer etc move, also, the dash warning lights do not come on either. The engine starts and the indicators work on the outside but there is no 'clicking' sound...
  7. T

    WANTED: R107 Blue Dashboard - or HELP

    Hi, I have a few minor cracks in my 1981 RHD dashboard so I would like to either replace, repair or recover. Does anyone have a blue dashboard? Or, does anyone know how to repair, or if the covers you can buy (at Gold Classics) are any good ? Thanks in advance Todd.
  8. C

    Few niggles with W204 c250cgi 2012

    Hello all, I bought this lovely car last week (23k mileage) and have a few niggles that maybe you can help with :) 1) White smoke production from exhaust when idle - this has settled slightly the more I drive it. One of the members suggested this is normal (in another post), so hopefully...
  9. F

    [Wanted] Service instruction hand book

    For my 2002 Ambiente V220 CDI automatic 01271 858354 we are North Devon EX37 9ED
  10. Prof.C.Benz

    All Dashboard lights just went out!.. W124 300CE 1991 M103

    :confused: W124 300CE 1991 M103 I have no illumination behind instrument cluster (Speedo, Rev Counter etc), and all lights behind switches on center console including Heater controls, Dash switches, Gear selector and window controls. Also, the buzzer that reminds you that you left the...
  11. A

    Unknown immobiliser

    Hello, I recently bought a 1994 E320 couple, which sadly only came with one key and one immobiliser fob. this fob fits into the dashboard, where it has to be inserted for five seconds before you can start the car. I'm fine with keeping it, but the problem is that I only have one of them...
  12. M

    A140 v reg 1999 dash info

    A big help needed I have a Mercedes A140 1999 all electric power switchs stay live at all times including showing my milage and time it never turns off even with keys out and car locked and alarmed my battery wont last two days in the car I'm at a total loss please can anybody help. Regards...
  13. G

    Clicking fan actuators

    My 2002 W209 CLK 320 has started making the dreaded clicking noise from within the dashboard when you turn on the ignition. I've read on the forums that this a either a broken or jammed actuator (and therefore a big job) but I was wondering if: 1) you can tell if the actuators are broken or...
  14. I

    2006 c180 coupe INSTRUMENT CLUSTER fault

    Hi everyone Got into the car yesterday - instrument cluster - DEAD! Indicators work, but no "tick tock" sound etc. No speedo/rev counter/temp/fuel gauge etc. Headlights wont switch off with the key in the ignition. They turn off when taking the key out. After about 10 mins, some lights...
  15. W

    information display within dashboard remaining on

    Hi, I'm a new member and I wonder if there is anyone out there who would be able to help me? My problem is that I have drain on the battery, it has been identified as the display screen sited within the dashboard/display..It is the screen that provides info on blown bulbs, temp, time...
  16. M

    Dashboard display intermittently stop working

    I have a C250 D estate, 1998 model, and recently over the last few months the daskboard display bits (speedo, rev counter, fuel gauge, temp sensor) have stopped working intermittently, but it seems to be getting worse. Usually it happens when I start the car, either they will all work, or...
  17. G

    S320 Dashboard lights and backlight stopped working

    My 2002 S320 Diesel developed a fault yesterday on the way back from the airport, having been stood for a week. Firstly, the backlight on the dashboard went, then about 10 mins later so did all the dials, indicators and everything else on the dashboard. All other electrics appear to be...
  18. Z

    [Wanted] Wanted; 1992 W124 230CE center vent module

    Wanted please; 1992 W124 230CE center vent module The center vent on my 1992 230CE has broken, the thumbwheel has disintegrated and whilst getting it out the metal surround has snapped. Does anyone have either; 1) The thumbwheel and metal surround? or better yet 2) The entire cold air...
  19. S

    e230 abs brake problem.

    Just acquired an e230 merc. It has two problems. 1. Just last week it developed a problem with the brakes. Basically when you press the break pedal it sounds as though the abs pump has kicked in - in normal driving/braking conditions. Also there is NO judder on the pedal. It is a sensor, fuse...
  20. F

    a class interior dashboard kits

    has anyone had any experience with these kits where you can apply iron on sticker type trim to your existing dash to give it a new look, found this one on ebay and was just wondering whether anyone has bought one and thought it was worth the price tag...

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