dab malfunction

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    Audio 20 dab option has disappeared

    Hello all, newbie here. 2 days ago my becker map pilot has stopped being recognised on my audio 20 unit. When I press the nav button it just says "no navigation", ive tried unplugging the unit in the glove box and making sure its seated in the cradle correctly but nothing works. I tried a reset...
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    E Class 2014 DAB Radio Signal Problems FIXED

    Hey, Wanted to give some advice regarding DAB Radio signal problems you may be experiencing as I have been. Have seen on older posts before many people experienced this with Mercedes DAB. Having purchased my 2014 E Coupe (Facelift) Mercedes a few months back, I had noticed that the DAB...
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    DAB Option on Audio 20 has disappeared

    Hi, I have a C Class Estate 2008 W204 C 200 CDI that has just gone through the 100K mileage barrier and I'm still not bored of it. Hopefully, I'll get another 100K out of it. However, a few months ago the DAB radio option on my Audio 20 system 'disappeared'. I can still cycle around the radio...

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