1. G

    Carbon dashboard damage

    Hi folks, picked up my A-class yesterday and I’m pretty chuffed. I got it from Mercedes used in Scotland and drove it back to Northern Ireland. Got a 3 year old A180 Amg line and so far so good. Only issue is when I collected it from the dealer there was damage to the carbon dashboard. I was...
  2. M

    Accident and Insurance

    Hi all, Apologies, I wasn't sure if this thread belonged in here, but thought it was the best fit. I drive a Mercedes A-class and have been in an accident where I went into the back of a 4x4. It’s damaged the grill, badge and slightly displaced the bumper and bonnet. I have tried resetting the...
  3. imkaz

    So I broke my SL

    I hope this is the right place to to post this topic, please let me know if it should be reloacted. About a week ago, I drove my SL into a solid pole, no one else was involved or hurt, I am fine too, air bags didnt go off. I do feel really stupid and sad that I've done this to a car, but it's...
  4. N

    R230 SL350 discoloured rear window side trim panels

    Hi Kids!! This is one of those occasions where a photo would be much better than words, but currently floating across the Irish Channel and the car is back home. My much prized 2009 SL350 is suffering a bit of blight to part of the body work. The two piano black trapezoid panels that sit each...
  5. R

    MB Finance "Fair Wear and Tear" dispute

    Folks, A month after having our car collected, we have just received a bill from MB for over £700 in repairs. However, some of the damage listed (eg, dented panel * 3) falls within the "4 dents allowed") in their "Vehicle Returns Standards" document. Similarly, this document states that...
  6. M

    W169 A-Class subframe

    Hello, I’m only new on here after running into some trouble with the Misses A Class. During the snow and ice it has take a hard hit to the n/s/f wheel. Resulting in the sub frame bending and the car being unable to move. I’ve been looking around and can only fine sub frames for the W168. The...

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