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    Dead Vito!

    Hi I was driving along the M4 when a rattle started (like a plastic bag getting caught under the van.) the rattle stopped when I took my foot off the acellerator and resumed when I pressed again. I looked in the mirror and saw light blue smoke coming out of the back (not a huge plume of...
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    R230 SL55 Batteries required

    Hi, My SL55 has been parked for months now due to babies! :) Both batteries are now shot. I was looking to replace both as I don't think they are salvageable, and I understand Varta were the original factory fits? Below are the details: Starter Battery: Varta 12V 35Ah 520A(EN) Supply...
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    Cannot start 2002 sl500

    Let me begin this post by stating that I am a moron. The rear consumables battery in my Sl500 was getting low so I took it out to trickle charge. For some reason the dash lights would not turn off, they would go off and then come back on again after a couple of seconds. When I got up this...

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